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How Can We Help You?

Have you been threatened with Repossession or Eviction

If you are struggling to keep up with payments on your property, you could be close to repossession or eviction. For every circumstance, we have a custom plan suited for YOU, but the most important thing you need to do right away is give us a call - because the longer you leave it, the more difficult it becomes to halt the repossession process.

Chain Collapse?

We don’t work in a property chain and don’t put your house out for public viewings, so there is no chance of being let down by a chain collapse. We can buy your property outright, leaving you completely "chain free" and believe me when I say that in today's ,market, being a cash buyer makes a huge difference to how seriously Estate Agents take you!

Do You Have Mounting Debts?

As we specialise in quick cash sales, when we buy your property, you are instantly able to use the money to clear your debts and start afresh. With many standard sales finalised in four weeks, it won’t be long until you are "debt free".

Divorce or Separation?

If you need to sell your property quickly due to a recent divorce or separation, Sell Your Home UK can offer you a stress-free solution. We can buy your property with one cash payment, allowing you to sell your house fast and therefore separate your assets easily.

Inherited Property or Bereavement?

Trying to manage finances when you are grieving can be troublesome and stressful. If you are looking to sell the property, then Sell Your Home UK could be the solution you need. We consider all properties, despite their condition, and once a decision has been made, we can make you an offer immediately and will then work to your timeframe wherever possible.

Job Relocation?

When you have been offered a new job and your start date is being delayed due to problems with relocating, we can help. We can buy your property now, allowing you to relocate at your leisure and with instant cash to put towards a new home.

Opportunity Not To Be Missed?

So you’ve viewed a property that you really want to buy, but you don’t want the hassle of going through the long process of putting your home on the market. What can you do? Lose that dream house? Not if you get in touch with Sell Your Home UK and see what opportunities we have on offer. The sale is completed quickly, allowing you to purchase that dream home.

Emigrating Abroad?

Moving abroad is a big decision, and you want everything to go as smoothly as possible, so selling your current home needs to be a smooth process too. With us, you can arrange a speedy sale, which can fit around your moving plans and departure date.

Ill Health?

Many people have to leave their homes due to ill health, or even having to care for sick relatives. We can offer you the security of a cash sale, allowing you to make the move you need.

Bad Investment?

Buying a property as an investment can be a longstanding source of income, but occasionally things turn sour. If this sounds familiar and you need to sell the property quickly, we can offer you a cash settlement and take the property off your hands.

Call us now on 07950 042746 or 0800 298 4202
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