So What Are The Benefits We Offer?

So what are the benefits?

No Estate Agency Fees

No Public Viewings

No Risk Of A Chain Breaking Down


A Fast Service - Where Required

Often the reason homeowners get in touch with us is because they want to sell their home fast. If you have had dealings with Estate Agents before, you will probably already be aware it takes between 3 to 6 months to sell a home, however for many, this simply isn't fast enough. Well the good news is that with us, it is possible to exchange contracts within a week!

A Guaranteed Sale

OK, so let's imagine for a moment you have decided to sell - the conventional way - through an Estate Agent. The property is now on the market and a few months later (after lots and lots of viewings) you manage to find a buyer. Now the whole legal process of buying your house begins and another couple of months role buy. But after all this time, all this effort, all the expense, did you know that according to The Guardian Newspaper, one in every three buyers "pull out" - often at the last minute! So where does that leave you? Yes, you guessed it, you have to go through the whole laborious process again.

Now let's look at the alternative. You contact us, we value your property and make an offer - usually within 24 hours. Where required, it is possible for us to exchange within a week and because we're not part of a chain (that could break) and don't need a mortgage (that might be refused) it's a done deal and your house is sold fast! It's simple, very straightforward and guaranteed and a quick home sale is achieved!

No Fees To Pay

By selling to us, not only will you save yourself Estate Agency fees, but we can also pay your legal expenses (Solicitor) and any survey costs required. There are no hidden extras - so it shouldn't cost you a penny.

Your Own "Personal Assistant"

Because we appreciate the process of selling can sometimes be a bit daunting, we assign a "Personal Assistant" to help you through every phase and he is available 23½ hours a day, seven days a week! His role is to ensure you are always happy, kept up to date and there to help with any queries you may have.

Our Service Is Confidential

The other day I was driving around and saw a bright yellow car with "WE CAN BUY YOUR HOME" plastered all over it in big black letters and I thought to myself - if I was wanting to sell my house, would I really want that pulling up outside? Obviously not. All of our dealings with homeowners are kept entirely confidential and only those actively involved in the transaction should ever know.

We Can Stop Repossessions

Although we would never suggest you leave it until the last minute, even at the 11th hour, we are still able to stop repossessions. However if you are worrying you may be facing repossession, whatever you do call us sooner rather than later. Alternatively call your local citizens advice bureau, because believe me when I say being repossessed is not something you want to have to deal with.

A Local Family Business

Please call 0800 298 4202 or 07950 042746


"We contacted Sell Your Home UK Sale because after three years of trying to sell our house, we had finally given up using the "Estate Agent" route. We couldn't believe it when Sell Your Home UK were able to find us a buyer in three weeks!!!"

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